I have written a program to scan all stocks listed in Singapore Stock Exchange for inside day (Harami) and outside day (Tsutsumi) candlestick pattern.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Candlestick 2016-10-27

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
BEST WORLD INTERNATIONAL LTDInside Day Black Candle10/27/20161.341.351.32
ISR CAPITAL LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/27/20160.2950.30.295
JARDINE STRATEGIC HLDGS LTDInside Day Black Candle10/27/201634.634.7434.42
MYP LTD.Inside Day Black Candle10/27/20160.260.290.26
NEW SILKROUTES GROUP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/27/20160.920.940.915
NUTRYFARM INTERNATIONAL LTDInside Day Black Candle10/27/20160.3450.3550.295
TIANJIN ZHONG XIN PHARM GROUPInside Day Black Candle10/27/20160.780.80.78
UOL GROUP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/27/20165.765.795.73
BOUSTEAD PROJECTS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/27/20160.730.730.725
CWT LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/27/20162.022.032
DBXT FTSE VIETNAM ETF 10Inside Day White Candle10/27/201623.7923.7923.75
INTERRA RESOURCES LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/27/20160.0730.0740.071
OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORPInside Day White Candle10/27/20168.588.598.53
OXLEY HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/27/20160.470.470.465
Q & M DENTAL GROUP (S) LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/27/20160.750.750.73
SUNMOON FOOD COMPANY LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/27/20160.1180.120.112
CORDLIFE GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle10/27/20161.151.21.15
NIKKEI225 18000 MB ECW170310Outside Day Black Candle10/27/20160.1520.1570.15
REGAL INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD.Outside Day Black Candle10/27/20160.1470.1550.138
SERIAL SYSTEM LTDOutside Day Black Candle10/27/20160.1390.1410.139
BONVESTS HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20161.221.231.21
BREADTALK GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20160.9950.9950.975
FOOD EMPIRE HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20160.30.3050.29
FRASER AND NEAVE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20162.12.132.07
GAYLIN HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20160.1450.1450.122
K1 VENTURES LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/27/201611.020.975
MFG INTEGRATION TECHNOLOGY LTDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20160.1650.1650.15
PNE INDUSTRIES LTDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20160.8450.8450.77
UNITED INDUSTRIAL CORP LTDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20162.782.792.7
WING TAI HLDGS LTDOutside Day White Candle10/27/20161.711.721.695

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Candlestick 2016-10-26

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
MICRO-MECHANICS (HOLDINGS) LTDInside Day Black Candle10/26/20160.8750.880.875
TRIYARDS HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/26/20160.2550.2650.255
YANLORD LAND GROUP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/26/20161.41.4251.4
EZRA HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/26/20160.0430.0450.041
HIAP HOE LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/26/20160.680.680.67
YUUZOO CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day White Candle10/26/20160.1620.1650.161
DBXT MSCI BANGLADESH IM ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle10/26/20161.0381.041.038
DBXT MSCI RUSSIA CAP 25 ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle10/26/20162.142.162.14
NUTRYFARM INTERNATIONAL LTDOutside Day Black Candle10/26/20160.3550.3750.28
TEE LAND LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle10/26/20160.2050.210.199
AEM HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.490.5050.485
A-SONIC AEROSPACE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.1840.1840.172
BBR HOLDINGS (S) LTDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.1990.1990.195
CENTURION CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.340.340.33
CITYNEON HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20161.021.020.94
EUCON HOLDING LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.0390.0410.033
HUPSTEEL LTDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.710.710.655
INFORMATICS EDUCATION LTD.Outside Day White Candle10/26/20160.170.170.165
SAN TEH LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.230.230.2
TIANJIN ZHONG XIN PHARM GROUPOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.80.820.755
TRANSIT-MIXED CONCRETE LTDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.6950.6950.665
TTJ HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20160.380.380.37
UNITED ENGINEERS LTD ORDOutside Day White Candle10/26/20162.572.582.51
WEE HUR HOLDINGS LTD.Outside Day White Candle10/26/20160.230.2350.225

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Candlestick 2016-10-25

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
BREADTALK GROUP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/25/20160.990.9950.99
CHINA AVIATION OIL(S) CORP LTDInside Day Black Candle10/25/20161.421.431.41
FTSECHINAA50 10500 MBECW161229Inside Day Black Candle10/25/20160.0960.0990.096
FTSECHINAA50 9500 MBEPW161229Inside Day Black Candle10/25/20160.0950.0960.095
ISR CAPITAL LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/25/20160.3050.310.3
JASPER INVESTMENTS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/25/20160.0110.0120.01
SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES LTDInside Day Black Candle10/25/20162.552.572.55
SINGAPORE AIRLINES LTDInside Day Black Candle10/25/201610.2710.3210.24
SINGAPORE EXCHANGE LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle10/25/20167.247.287.23
SUPER GROUP LTD.Inside Day Black Candle10/25/20160.8750.90.875
AIMS AMP CAP INDUSTRIAL REITInside Day White Candle10/25/20161.381.3851.375
A-SMART HOLDINGS LTD.Inside Day White Candle10/25/20160.7150.7150.71
DBXT MSCI KOREA ETF 10Inside Day White Candle10/25/201657.8757.8757.57
HSCEI 11200 UB ECW170126Inside Day White Candle10/25/20160.0510.0510.05
HSI 23000 MB ECW161129Inside Day White Candle10/25/20160.1910.1940.179
HSI 23800 MB ECW161129Inside Day White Candle10/25/20160.1110.1130.102
HSI 24200 VT ECW161129Inside Day White Candle10/25/20160.0780.0790.075
HSI 24600 MB ECW161129Inside Day White Candle10/25/20160.0520.0530.047
HSI 25000 UB ECW170126Inside Day White Candle10/25/20160.0770.0790.072
HYFLUX 6% CUM PREF CLASS A 10Inside Day White Candle10/25/201693.2593.393.11
ADDVALUE TECHNOLOGIES LTDOutside Day Black Candle10/25/20160.0360.0380.036
SUNNINGDALE TECH LTDOutside Day Black Candle10/25/20161.011.031.01
BONVESTS HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20161.231.231.21
CHINA HAIDA LTD.Outside Day White Candle10/25/20160.0150.0180.014
CHINA TAISAN TECH GRP HLDGSLTDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.0750.080.073
FALCON ENERGY GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.1560.1560.15
FEDERAL INT(2000) LTDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.2950.2950.27
GL LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.80.8050.785
HAI LECK HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.4450.4450.43
HAW PAR CORP LTDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20169.069.068.92
HIAP HOE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.6750.690.66
KINGBOARD COPPER FOIL HDGS LTDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.260.260.24
MYP LTD.Outside Day White Candle10/25/20160.270.30.25
SARINE TECHNOLOGIES LTDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20161.71.71.655
SWING MEDIA TECHNOLOGY GRP LTDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.6150.6150.57
TYE SOON LTDOutside Day White Candle10/25/20160.3150.320.29