I have written a program to scan all stocks listed in Singapore Stock Exchange for inside day (Harami) and outside day (Tsutsumi) candlestick pattern.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Candlestick 2017-05-25

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
BOUSTEAD PROJECTS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.860.8750.86
C&G ENV PROTECT HLDGS LTDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.020.0210.02
CHASEN HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.1050.1090.105
CSE GLOBAL LTDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.480.4850.48
DYNA-MAC HOLDINGS LTD.Inside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.120.1250.119
GLOBAL TESTING CORPORATION LTDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20171.3651.3751.365
GOLDEN ENERGY AND RESOURCESLTDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.4450.4550.445
KRISENERGY LTD.Inside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.150.1540.149
KRISENERGY LTD. W240131Inside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.050.0520.049
MERMAID MARITIME PUBLIC CO LTDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.1710.1750.17
MYP LTD.Inside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.1740.1750.174
RIVERSTONE HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20171.0551.0751.05
WING TAI HLDGS LTDInside Day Black Candle5/25/20171.9151.931.915
JARDINE STRATEGIC HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle5/25/201741.9342.3341.61
NAM CHEONG LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/25/20170.0290.0290.025
NOBLE GROUP LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/25/20170.420.4450.38
SPINDEX INDUSTRIES LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/25/20170.9350.950.925
THAKRAL CORPORATION LTDInside Day White Candle5/25/20170.3250.3250.305
VENTURE CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/25/201712.9813.0612.85
CDL HOSPITALITY TRUSTSOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20171.591.621.585
CHINA SUNSINE CHEM HLDGS LTD.Outside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.7750.8250.775
DBXT EURO STOXX 50 ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle5/25/201755.2755.755.18
FALCON ENERGY GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.0750.080.075
FULL APEX (HOLDINGS) LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.1660.1820.166
JARDINE CYCLE & CARRIAGE LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/201744.8845.6444.31
LION ASIAPAC LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.320.3750.32
M1 LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20172.232.282.23
NEW SILKROUTES GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.650.690.645
SHANGRI-LA ASIA LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/201710.8211.410.82
SINWA LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.2250.230.22
SWING MEDIA TECHNOLOGY GRP LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.5250.5350.51
TAI SIN ELECTRIC LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/25/20170.4250.4450.425
A-SONIC AEROSPACE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20170.1960.1960.175
BONVESTS HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20171.311.311.275
BUND CENTER INVESTMENT LTDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20170.7850.80.78
CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (F.E.) LTDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20170.820.820.8
CORDLIFE GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20170.9850.9850.97
DAPAI INTL HLDG CO. LTD.Outside Day White Candle5/25/20170.0060.0060.004
DUTY FREE INTERNATIONALW220513Outside Day White Candle5/25/20170.040.040.037
ENGRO CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20171.0351.080.97
FUXING CHINA GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20170.640.640.6
GLOBAL PALM RESOURCES HLGS LTDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20170.3650.3650.34
GREAT EASTERN HLDGS LTDOutside Day White Candle5/25/201722.1122.3522.02
HO BEE LAND LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20172.372.42.36
LYXOR ETF MSCI INDIA 10Outside Day White Candle5/25/201717.3517.3517.33
NSL LTD.Outside Day White Candle5/25/20171.461.461.43
REGAL INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD.Outside Day White Candle5/25/20170.1480.1480.138
SAMKO TIMBER LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20170.0460.0460.034
SAMUDERA SHIPPING LINE LTDOutside Day White Candle5/25/20170.180.1840.17

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Candlestick 2017-05-24

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AUSGROUP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/24/20170.0510.0520.051
CROESUS RETAIL TRUSTInside Day Black Candle5/24/20171.031.041.03
DBXT FTSE VIETNAM ETF 10Inside Day Black Candle5/24/201723.6923.8323.69
FRASERS LOGISTICS & IND TRUSTInside Day Black Candle5/24/20171.0051.0151.005
HAI LECK HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/24/20170.570.5750.57
INTERRA RESOURCES LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/24/20170.0750.0770.072
JARDINE CYCLE & CARRIAGE LTDInside Day Black Candle5/24/201745.2245.4145.06
JARDINE MATHESON HLDGS LTDInside Day Black Candle5/24/201764.264.3863.41
KEPPEL CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/24/20176.596.616.56
KEPPEL TELE & TRANInside Day Black Candle5/24/20171.731.7351.725
NSL LTD.Inside Day Black Candle5/24/20171.4351.441.435
SUNPOWER GROUP LTD.Inside Day Black Candle5/24/20170.720.740.72
CHINA AVIATION OIL(S) CORP LTDInside Day White Candle5/24/20171.681.6951.675
CWG INTERNATIONAL LTD.Inside Day White Candle5/24/20170.1550.1550.153
FIRST RESOURCES LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/24/20172.012.031.99
FRASERS CENTREPOINT TRUSTInside Day White Candle5/24/20172.082.082.06
GUOCOLAND LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/24/20171.831.831.82
HO BEE LAND LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/24/20172.382.392.37
LORENZO INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/24/20170.030.0320.028
RAFFLES EDUCATION CORP LTDInside Day White Candle5/24/20170.1950.1950.193
STRACO CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/24/20170.8450.850.825
SUNMOON FOOD COMPANY LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/24/20170.1030.1040.101
TA CORPORATION LTDInside Day White Candle5/24/20170.260.260.24
VALUETRONICS HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/24/20170.860.860.84
YUUZOO CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/24/20170.0830.0850.079
AEI CORPORATION LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/24/20170.660.720.66
CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/24/201710.3810.4510.29
DBXT CSI300 ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle5/24/20177.957.987.9
ELLIPSIZ LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/24/20170.5650.5850.56
FORTUNE REAL ESTATE INV TRUSTOutside Day Black Candle5/24/20179.159.399.1
GREAT EASTERN HLDGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/24/201722.122.2722.1
ISHARES USD ASIA HY BOND ETFOutside Day Black Candle5/24/201710.991110.91
JARDINE STRATEGIC HLDGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/24/201741.942.441.5
STAMFORD TYRES CORPORATIONLTDOutside Day Black Candle5/24/20170.3050.3150.3
UOB MB EPW171016Outside Day Black Candle5/24/20170.0670.0720.066
BENG KUANG MARINE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.0940.0950.085
C&G ENV PROTECT HLDGS LTDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.0210.0220.019
DELFI LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20172.22.22.1
DELONG HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20171.351.371
GEO ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.260.260.235
KINGSMEN CREATIVES LTDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.6150.620.605
KRISENERGY LTD.Outside Day White Candle5/24/20170.1510.1550.144
NOBLE GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.3850.4850.305
PERENNIAL S$300M4.65%N181023Outside Day White Candle5/24/20171.0131.0131.011
PSL HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.370.370.335
RH PETROGAS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.0720.0730.066
SERIAL SYSTEM LTDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.1810.1830.179
SUTL ENTERPRISE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.80.80.775
UOB MB ECW171016Outside Day White Candle5/24/20170.0870.0880.086
VICPLAS INTERNATIONAL LTDOutside Day White Candle5/24/20170.1340.1340.117

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Candlestick 2017-05-23

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AVI-TECH ELECTRONICS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.430.440.43
DELONG HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20171.021.21.02
FIRST REAL ESTATE INV TRUSTInside Day Black Candle5/23/20171.321.3251.315
GOLDEN ENERGY AND RESOURCESLTDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.4450.4650.445
HANWELL HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.2850.2950.285
HEALTH MANAGEMENT INTL LTDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.6150.6350.615
HSI 25188 VT ECW170728Inside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.140.1490.14
IHH HEALTHCARE BERHADInside Day Black Candle5/23/20171.911.9151.91
JADASON ENTERPRISES LTDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.0760.0790.076
METRO HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20171.171.1851.165
SERIAL SYSTEM LTDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.180.1820.18
SINGAPORE AIRLINES LTDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20179.799.849.72
TAT SENG PACKAGING GROUP LTDInside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.570.5850.57
CDL HOSPITALITY TRUSTSInside Day White Candle5/23/20171.6051.6151.59
CHALLENGER TECHNOLOGIES LTDInside Day White Candle5/23/20170.470.470.465
ELLIPSIZ LTDInside Day White Candle5/23/20170.570.570.565
GREAT EASTERN HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle5/23/201722.2322.2322.15
HIAP SENG ENGINEERING LTDInside Day White Candle5/23/20170.1460.1470.141
HONGKONG LAND HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/23/20177.47.437.31
MAPLETREE COMMERCIAL TRUSTInside Day White Candle5/23/20171.561.561.55
NSL LTD.Inside Day White Candle5/23/20171.451.451.425
SATS LTD.Inside Day White Candle5/23/20175.075.085.01
WILMAR MB ECW170710Inside Day White Candle5/23/20170.0250.0250.024
YAMADA GREEN RESOURCES LIMITEDInside Day White Candle5/23/20170.4350.4350.41
CWG INTERNATIONAL LTD.Outside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.1550.1560.152
DBXT FTSE VIETNAM ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle5/23/201723.8524.0823.65
GUOCOLAND LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/23/20171.821.8351.815
HYFLUX 6% CUM PREF CLASS A 10Outside Day Black Candle5/23/201799.7599.9399.75
INTERRA RESOURCES LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.0710.0780.07
IS MSCI INDIA 100Outside Day Black Candle5/23/20177.918.047.86
JARDINE MATHESON HLDGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/23/201763.9564.6563.28
MYP LTD.Outside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.1720.1870.172
SING INVESTMENTS & FINANCE LTDOutside Day Black Candle5/23/20171.411.431.41
UOB MB ECW171101Outside Day Black Candle5/23/20170.160.170.16
CAPITALAND COMMERCIAL TRUSTOutside Day White Candle5/23/20171.6751.6751.64
CROESUS RETAIL TRUSTOutside Day White Candle5/23/20171.0351.0451.015
DBXT MSCI THAILAND TRN ETF 10Outside Day White Candle5/23/201721.3121.3221.2
GLOBAL TESTING CORPORATION LTDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20171.2951.331.25
HOTEL GRAND CENTRAL LTDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20171.4551.4551.425
HSI 23000 MB EPW170629Outside Day White Candle5/23/20170.0130.0160.012
HU AN CABLE HOLDINGS LTD.Outside Day White Candle5/23/20170.0070.0070.005
INTRACO LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20170.30.30.27
ISDN HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20170.2150.220.205
M1 LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20172.262.272.24
MANDARIN ORIENTAL INTL LTDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20171.421.451.4
NIKKOAM-STC ASIA_XJ REIT ETFOutside Day White Candle5/23/20171.0551.0561.049
PAN-UNITED CORPORATION LTDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20170.710.710.69
RAMBA ENERGY LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20170.1460.1460.131
SHANGRI-LA ASIA LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/23/201711.411.411.1
STRACO CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20170.8450.860.8
TRIYARDS HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20170.2250.2250.21
YEO HIAP SENG LTDOutside Day White Candle5/23/20171.3151.3151.3