I have written a program to scan all stocks listed in Singapore Stock Exchange for inside day (Harami) and outside day (Tsutsumi) candlestick pattern.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Candlestick 2017-04-24

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
BROADWAY INDUSTRIAL GROUP LTDInside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.1480.1530.147
CHINA EVERBRIGHT WATER LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.460.4650.455
GALLANT VENTURE LTD.Inside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.1370.140.135
HIAP SENG ENGINEERING LTDInside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.1750.1760.175
JACKSPEED CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.180.1830.18
MERMAID MARITIME PUBLIC CO LTDInside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.1930.1950.192
MICRO-MECHANICS (HOLDINGS) LTDInside Day Black Candle4/24/20171.191.21.185
PAN-UNITED CORPORATION LTDInside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.750.7650.75
SARINE TECHNOLOGIES LTDInside Day Black Candle4/24/20171.8751.8851.875
BHG RETAIL REITInside Day White Candle4/24/20170.7050.7050.7
DAIRY FARM INT'L HOLDINGS LTDInside Day White Candle4/24/20178.718.718.59
DBS MB ECW170710Inside Day White Candle4/24/20170.0610.0610.057
FIRST SHIP LEASE TRUSTInside Day White Candle4/24/20170.1010.1020.1
HOTEL GRAND CENTRAL LTDInside Day White Candle4/24/20171.421.421.41
HOTUNG INVESTMENT HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle4/24/20171.8151.8151.8
PENGUIN INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/24/20170.290.290.265
BUKIT SEMBAWANG ESTATES LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/24/20175.815.865.81
COSMOSTEEL HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.1420.1460.141
FRENCKEN GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.360.3650.355
GREAT EASTERN HLDGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/24/201721.5321.5621.52
HAW PAR CORP LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/24/20179.89109.84
HSI 23188 VT ECW170529Outside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.2050.2150.19
IFAST CORPORATION LTD.Outside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.620.6350.62
ISHARES USD ASIA BOND ETFOutside Day Black Candle4/24/201710.7310.7710.73
NIKKO AM SINGAPORE STI ETFOutside Day Black Candle4/24/20173.213.233.2
PARKWAYLIFE REITOutside Day Black Candle4/24/20172.532.572.53
SINGTEL 10Outside Day Black Candle4/24/20173.723.753.7
TAT HONG HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/24/20170.3850.3950.38
BAKER TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/24/20170.6650.6650.65
CAPTII LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/24/20170.640.640.55
DBXT FT CHINA 50 ETF 10Outside Day White Candle4/24/201732.5532.732.37
ELEC & ELTEK INT CO LTDOutside Day White Candle4/24/20171.5051.511.48
FAR EAST ORCHARD LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/24/20171.681.681.64
HAFARY HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/24/20170.1790.1790.166
LYXOR ETF MSCI EUROPE 10Outside Day White Candle4/24/201713.9513.9513.66
MYP LTD.Outside Day White Candle4/24/20170.1850.1850.178
OKH GLOBAL LTD.Outside Day White Candle4/24/20170.060.0610.059

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Candlestick 2017-04-21

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
CHASEN HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.1050.1070.104
CHINA AVIATION OIL(S) CORP LTDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20171.651.6651.635
CORDLIFE GROUP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20171.0251.031.02
DBS MB ECW171101Inside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.1140.1190.114
DUTY FREE INTERNATIONALLIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.4250.4350.42
HEALTH MANAGEMENT INTL LTDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.6250.640.625
HEETON HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.490.5050.49
HOE LEONG CORPORATION LTD.Inside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.0120.0140.012
HONG LEONG ASIA LTD.Inside Day Black Candle4/21/20171.121.161.12
NOBLE GROUP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.1510.1580.15
PERENNIAL S$280M4.55%N200429Inside Day Black Candle4/21/20171.0081.0091.008
ROWSLEY LTD.Inside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.090.0920.09
TEE LAND LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.1940.1950.194
UMS HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.8750.890.875
DBS MB EPW171030Inside Day White Candle4/21/20170.1050.1050.104
DELFI LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/21/20172.312.312.3
HG METAL MANUFACTURING LTDInside Day White Candle4/21/20170.390.390.375
SAMUDERA SHIPPING LINE LTDInside Day White Candle4/21/20170.190.190.189
UNITED FOOD HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/21/20170.330.330.31
YOMA STRATEGIC HOLDINGS LTDInside Day White Candle4/21/20170.5750.580.57
ABF SPORE BOND INDEX FUND ETFOutside Day Black Candle4/21/20171.1581.161.157
CAPITALAND LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle4/21/20173.623.73.62
CAPITALAND MB ECW171002Outside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.0570.0620.057
CAPITALAND MB ECW171101Outside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.0260.0280.026
ENVIRO-HUB HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.0530.0550.053
GALLANT VENTURE LTD.Outside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.140.1420.134
KINGSMEN CREATIVES LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.5950.6050.59
LOW KENG HUAT (SINGAPORE) LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/21/20170.6450.660.645
STRAITS TRADING CO. LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/21/20172.322.42.3
BONVESTS HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20171.3351.3351.32
CIVMEC LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20170.660.660.64
EXCELPOINT TECHNOLOGY LTDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20170.660.660.625
EZION HOLDINGS W200424Outside Day White Candle4/21/20170.0680.0730.066
FRAGRANCE GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20170.170.1730.168
GSH CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20170.530.5350.52
HIAP SENG ENGINEERING LTDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20170.180.180.173
ISHARES USD ASIA HY BOND ETFOutside Day White Candle4/21/201710.9711.0310.95
NUTRYFARM INTERNATIONAL LTDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20170.270.2950.175
S I2I LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20172.632.632.55
VICOM LTDOutside Day White Candle4/21/20175.85.825.78

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Candlestick 2017-04-20

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
BUKIT SEMBAWANG ESTATES LTDInside Day Black Candle4/20/20175.85.825.79
CHINA SUNSINE CHEM HLDGS LTD.Inside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.70.710.69
EC WORLD REITInside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.770.7750.765
FRASERS CENTREPOINT LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/20/20171.861.871.855
GALLANT VENTURE LTD.Inside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.1370.1410.136
GOLDEN ENERGY AND RESOURCESLTDInside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.4350.4450.435
HONG LEONG FINANCE LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/20/20172.752.762.75
JASPER INVESTMENTS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.030.0310.03
KSH HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.860.8850.855
MANDARIN ORIENTAL INTL LTDInside Day Black Candle4/20/20171.2851.291.275
OXLEY HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.5650.580.565
PARKWAYLIFE REITInside Day Black Candle4/20/20172.552.572.55
SINGTEL 10Inside Day Black Candle4/20/20173.733.763.72
BEST WORLD INTERNATIONAL LTDInside Day White Candle4/20/20172.252.272.21
CHINA AVIATION OIL(S) CORP LTDInside Day White Candle4/20/20171.6351.671.625
CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/201710.1510.210.09
DBXT S&P500 ETF 10Inside Day White Candle4/20/201741.1241.1241.1
DELONG HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.730.730.72
GEO ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.310.310.295
GSH CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.530.530.525
HONGKONG LAND HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/20177.647.717.6
INNOTEK LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.350.350.345
JARDINE MATHESON HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle4/20/201765.565.563.94
MERMAID MARITIME PUBLIC CO LTDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.1960.1980.192
NEW SILKROUTES GROUP LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.720.720.71
PHILLIP SGX APACDIV REIT ETFS$Inside Day White Candle4/20/20171.3281.3281.323
RAFFLES MEDICAL GROUP LTDInside Day White Candle4/20/20171.4351.4351.425
SAMKO TIMBER LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.0490.050.048
SARINE TECHNOLOGIES LTDInside Day White Candle4/20/20171.861.8751.845
SUTL ENTERPRISE LIMITEDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.840.850.835
TA CORPORATION LTDInside Day White Candle4/20/20170.2550.260.25
ENGRO CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.90.920.9
FAR EAST ORCHARD LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle4/20/20171.671.6951.65
FORTUNE REAL ESTATE INV TRUSTOutside Day Black Candle4/20/20178.99.028.9
HOE LEONG CORPORATION LTD.Outside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.0120.020.011
NOBEL DESIGN HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.4750.510.46
YONGNAM HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle4/20/20170.2050.210.2
DBXT MSCI CHINA TRN ETF 10Outside Day White Candle4/20/201714.1714.1714.05
DBXT MSCI TAIWAN ETF 10Outside Day White Candle4/20/201724.5524.5524.38
ENVICTUS INTERNATIONAL HLDGLTDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20170.5050.5050.465
GOODLAND GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20170.2550.2650.23
HOTEL ROYAL LTDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20173.833.833.72
HSI 24200 MB ECW170427Outside Day White Candle4/20/20170.0370.0380.02
HUAN HSIN HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20170.0260.0260.011
KS ENERGY LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20170.0540.0610.043
LTC CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20170.6150.6150.585
PAN-UNITED CORPORATION LTDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20170.7550.7550.7
UNITED OVERSEAS INSURANCE LTDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20175.225.225.18
UOL GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle4/20/20176.987.016.9