I have written a program to scan all stocks listed in Singapore Stock Exchange for inside day (Harami) and outside day (Tsutsumi) candlestick pattern.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Candlestick 2016-12-07

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
FIRST REAL ESTATE INV TRUSTInside Day Black Candle12/7/20161.3051.331.3
GLOBAL LOGISTIC PROP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle12/7/20162.252.272.23
JARDINE CYCLE & CARRIAGE LTDInside Day Black Candle12/7/201641.241.5540.65
KEPPEL REITInside Day Black Candle12/7/20161.051.0551.045
KINGSMEN CREATIVES LTDInside Day Black Candle12/7/20160.6250.630.625
VICOM LTDInside Day Black Candle12/7/20165.715.735.71
WILMAR MB ECW170703Inside Day Black Candle12/7/20160.0880.0890.087
CITIC ENVIROTECH LTD.Inside Day White Candle12/7/20161.261.261.25
DBXT MSCI PHILIPPINES ETF 10Inside Day White Candle12/7/20161.751.751.745
MERMAID MARITIME PUBLIC CO LTDInside Day White Candle12/7/20160.1540.1560.152
RIVERSTONE HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle12/7/20160.850.8550.83
SINGAPORE EXCHANGE LIMITEDInside Day White Candle12/7/20167.357.357.29
SINGTEL 10Inside Day White Candle12/7/20163.783.783.75
TIH LIMITEDInside Day White Candle12/7/20160.4650.4650.45
VIBRANT GROUP LIMITEDInside Day White Candle12/7/20160.340.340.335
YEO HIAP SENG LTDInside Day White Candle12/7/20161.351.3551.325
COMFORTDELGRO CORPORATION LTDOutside Day Black Candle12/7/20162.592.632.56
CWT LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/7/20161.971.991.965
FRAGRANCE GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/7/20160.150.1540.149
GREAT EASTERN HLDGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle12/7/201620.5620.7520.2
MALAYSIA SMELTING CORP BHD 100Outside Day Black Candle12/7/20161.221.2551.22
SAPPHIRE CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/7/20160.2850.2950.285
TIONG SENG HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/7/20160.2250.240.225
DAIRY FARM INT'L HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20167.297.297.08
DATAPULSE TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.2150.2150.2
G. K. GOH HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.8650.8650.815
GL LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.7550.760.74
HIAP HOE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.710.710.685
HONG FOK CORPORATION LTDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.6550.6550.635
HWA HONG CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.320.3250.315
HYFLUX 6% CUM PREF CLASS A 10Outside Day White Candle12/7/201692.392.392.03
JAPFA LTD.Outside Day White Candle12/7/20160.9350.940.88
KENCANA AGRI LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.420.420.39
RAMBA ENERGY LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.1680.1680.158
SEROJA INVESTMENTS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.040.040.037
TUAN SING HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.30.30.285
YONGNAM HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/7/20160.1980.1980.196

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Candlestick 2016-12-06

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
BOUSTEAD PROJECTS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.720.7350.72
COSMOSTEEL HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.1170.1220.117
CWG INTERNATIONAL LTD.Inside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.1510.1520.151
DBXT CSI300 ETF 10Inside Day Black Candle12/6/20168.268.328.26
DBXT FT CHINA 50 ETF 10Inside Day Black Candle12/6/201631.0231.0530.95
FTSECHINAA50 10500 MBECW161229Inside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.080.0840.08
HALCYON AGRI CORPORATION LTDInside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.560.5750.56
HSI 23600 VT ECW161229Inside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.0250.0290.025
IHH HEALTHCARE BERHADInside Day Black Candle12/6/20162.032.042.03
INDOFOOD AGRI RESOURCES LTD.Inside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.5450.550.545
INTERRA RESOURCES LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.0770.0790.077
KEPCORP MB ECW170306Inside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.0560.0620.056
KEPPEL CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle12/6/20165.95.965.85
NIKKEI225 18000 MB ECW170310Inside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.2150.220.215
SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES LTDInside Day Black Candle12/6/20162.912.922.88
SINGAPORE AIRLINES LTDInside Day Black Candle12/6/20169.739.819.71
ASL MARINE HOLDINGS LTDInside Day White Candle12/6/20160.1320.1320.129
NIKKEI225 17500 MB EPW170310Inside Day White Candle12/6/20160.1340.1380.132
SPDR GOLD SHARESInside Day White Candle12/6/2016111.82112.01111.28
ASL MARINE HOLDINGS LTD ROutside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.0040.0070.002
CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY LTDOutside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.930.9850.93
DBXT S&PASX 200 ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle12/6/201635.0335.1435.03
HONG LEONG ASIA LTD.Outside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.680.6950.68
PERENNIAL S$280M4.55%N200429Outside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.970.9760.97
SINGAPORE EXCHANGE LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/6/20167.37.367.28
SINGAPORE POST LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/6/20161.4651.4751.45
SINGTEL MB ECW171002Outside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.060.0630.06
SPH REITOutside Day Black Candle12/6/20160.950.960.945
BH GLOBAL CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20160.230.230.2
CAMSING HEALTHCARE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20160.840.840.81
CITYNEON HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20161.061.060.995
DBXT MSCI THAILAND TRN ETF 10Outside Day White Candle12/6/201619.219.219.12
FIRST SPONSOR GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20161.331.331.32
FISCHER TECH LTDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20161.461.461.41
GOODLAND GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20160.30.30.27
LYXOR ASIA 10Outside Day White Candle12/6/20164.774.774.7
PEC LTD.Outside Day White Candle12/6/20160.540.5450.525
PHILLIP SGX APACDIV REIT ETFS$Outside Day White Candle12/6/20161.2381.241.231
SINGAPORE MYANMAR INVESTCO LTDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20160.580.5850.545
UNITED INDUSTRIAL CORP LTDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20162.792.812.71
UOB-KAY HIAN HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20161.291.2951.27
YEO HIAP SENG LTDOutside Day White Candle12/6/20161.361.371.315

Monday, December 5, 2016

Candlestick 2016-12-05

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
ACMA LTD.Inside Day Black Candle12/5/20160.250.2850.25
GLOBAL TESTING CORPORATION LTDInside Day Black Candle12/5/20161.041.051.04
LCT HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle12/5/20160.40.4350.4
UNI-ASIA HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle12/5/20161.011.021.01
BOUSTEAD SINGAPORE LIMITEDInside Day White Candle12/5/20160.810.810.795
HONG LEONG FINANCE LIMITEDInside Day White Candle12/5/20162.192.192.17
JARDINE MATHESON HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle12/5/201654.9454.9954.42
SARINE TECHNOLOGIES LTDInside Day White Candle12/5/20161.7951.7951.76
SINGAPORE EXCHANGE LIMITEDInside Day White Candle12/5/20167.317.347.29
STRACO CORPORATION LIMITEDInside Day White Candle12/5/20160.7950.80.79
SUNNINGDALE TECH LTDInside Day White Candle12/5/20161.091.091.065
ABF SPORE BOND INDEX FUND ETFOutside Day Black Candle12/5/20161.1541.1581.154
COSMOSTEEL HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/5/20160.1170.1250.116
CWT LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/5/20161.97521.97
GREAT EASTERN HLDGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle12/5/201620.3420.420.18
HYFLUX LTDOutside Day Black Candle12/5/20160.490.50.485
MFG INTEGRATION TECHNOLOGY LTDOutside Day Black Candle12/5/20160.1550.1620.155
NIKKEI225 17500 MB EPW170310Outside Day Black Candle12/5/20160.1290.1450.129
OCBCCAPCORP(2008) 5.1%NCPS 100Outside Day Black Candle12/5/2016103.45104.1103.45
S I2I LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle12/5/20161.771.8251.77
ASL MARINE HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20160.130.1370.127
A-SMART HOLDINGS LTD.Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.7250.7250.7
CHINA GREAT LAND HOLDINGS LTD.Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.0350.0350.019
CHINA TAISAN TECH GRP HLDGSLTDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20160.0630.0630.054
DAIRY FARM INT'L HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20167.217.217.05
DBS GROUP HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle12/5/201617.9717.9917.76
DBS MB ECW170612Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.2250.2250.21
DBS MB EPW170612Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.0770.0780.074
FAR EAST ORCHARD LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20161.51.51.46
FIRST RESOURCES LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20161.961.9651.92
HSI 21600 VT EPW170126Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.0830.0880.077
MUN SIONG ENGINEERING LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20160.0670.0670.06
NIKKEI225 18000 MB ECW170310Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.2250.2250.205
OCBC BK MB ECW170306Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.0840.0850.078
OCBC BK VT ECW170213Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.1180.1180.107
OUE COMMERCIAL REITOutside Day White Candle12/5/20160.6850.6850.67
PACIFIC RADIANCE LTD.Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.1550.1550.15
SIN HENG HEAVY MACHINERY LTDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20160.3950.3950.37
SINOSTAR PEC HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20160.1220.1250.11
TAI SIN ELECTRIC LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20160.3750.3750.365
UNITED INDUSTRIAL CORP LTDOutside Day White Candle12/5/20162.742.752.72
UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LTDOutside Day White Candle12/5/201620.7820.8320.44
UOB MB ECW170605Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.1820.1820.171
WILMAR MB ECW170703Outside Day White Candle12/5/20160.0840.0850.08