I have written a program to scan all stocks listed in Singapore Stock Exchange for inside day (Harami) and outside day (Tsutsumi) candlestick pattern.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Candlestick 2017-01-17

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
ASTI HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.0430.0440.043
BROADWAY INDUSTRIAL GROUP LTDInside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.1940.1950.193
HONG LEONG ASIA LTD.Inside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.9150.9450.91
HSI 22400 UB ECW170330Inside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.190.1940.184
HSI 22600 VT EPW170126Inside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.0340.0380.034
HSI 23600 UB ECW170427Inside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.140.1420.136
HSI 24200 MB ECW170427Inside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.0950.0990.095
IS MSCI INDIA 100Inside Day Black Candle1/17/20176.826.856.82
JARDINE MATHESON HLDGS LTDInside Day Black Candle1/17/201759.659.9259.32
SINGAPORE MYANMAR INVESTCO LTDInside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.6250.640.615
UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LTDInside Day Black Candle1/17/201720.9821.0820.92
BEST WORLD INTERNATIONAL LTDInside Day White Candle1/17/20171.5351.541.51
BOUSTEAD PROJECTS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle1/17/20170.730.740.72
DBS GROUP HOLDINGS LTDInside Day White Candle1/17/201718.3518.3518.28
ENVICTUS INTERNATIONAL HLDGLTDInside Day White Candle1/17/20170.5250.5250.515
GENTING SINGAPORE PLCInside Day White Candle1/17/20170.920.9250.91
GLOBAL LOGISTIC PROP LIMITEDInside Day White Candle1/17/20172.62.612.57
GOLDEN ENERGY AND RESOURCESLTDInside Day White Candle1/17/20170.50.5050.495
HSI 22600 MB ECW170227Inside Day White Candle1/17/20170.1540.1540.146
HSI 22800 VT ECW170330Inside Day White Candle1/17/20170.1690.170.159
HSI 23000 MB ECW170126Inside Day White Candle1/17/20170.0390.0410.031
HSI 23000 MB ECW170330Inside Day White Candle1/17/20170.1610.1610.154
HSI 23200 JP ECW170330Inside Day White Candle1/17/20170.1320.1330.125
HSI 23400 MB ECW170227Inside Day White Candle1/17/20170.080.0810.073
HSI 23800 MB ECW170330Inside Day White Candle1/17/20170.0990.1010.093
HUPSTEEL LTDInside Day White Candle1/17/20170.6850.6850.655
M1 LIMITEDInside Day White Candle1/17/20172.092.12.08
OCBC BK MB ECW171002Inside Day White Candle1/17/20170.1140.1140.112
OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORPInside Day White Candle1/17/20179.359.359.29
PERENNIAL REAL ESTATE HLDGSLTDInside Day White Candle1/17/20170.7850.7850.775
CHINA SUNSINE CHEM HLDGS LTD.Outside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.510.540.51
DBXT FTSE VIETNAM ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle1/17/201722.6922.922.69
FORTUNE REAL ESTATE INV TRUSTOutside Day Black Candle1/17/20178.758.878.75
HO BEE LAND LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle1/17/20172.082.122.08
INNOTEK LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.2950.30.29
MARCO POLO MARINE LTD.Outside Day Black Candle1/17/20170.0450.0640.045
8TELECOM INTL HOLDINGS CO LTDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.1530.1580.139
BBR HOLDINGS (S) LTDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.1780.1780.171
CASA HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.0820.0820.065
DAPAI INTL HLDG CO. LTD.Outside Day White Candle1/17/20170.0080.0080.006
DBXT MSCI THAILAND TRN ETF 10Outside Day White Candle1/17/201720.1520.1520.01
FIRST SPONSOR GROUP LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20171.3351.3351.325
FRASERS CENTREPOINT TRUSTOutside Day White Candle1/17/20171.991.991.96
HG METAL MANUFACTURING LTDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.320.320.31
HSCEI 10000 UB ECW170529Outside Day White Candle1/17/20170.1880.1890.183
IPCO INT'L LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.0030.0030.001
ISHARES USD ASIA HY BOND ETFOutside Day White Candle1/17/201710.9210.9210.8
LCT HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.460.460.4
MTQ CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.40.40.385
NUTRYFARM INTERNATIONAL LTDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.240.30.18
PERENNIAL S$300M4.65%N181023Outside Day White Candle1/17/20171.0051.0151
ROXY-PACIFIC HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.520.520.49
SAMKO TIMBER LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.0390.0390.037
SUNVIC CHEMICAL HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle1/17/20170.0930.0930.083

Monday, January 16, 2017

Candlestick 2017-01-16

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
ASCENDAS REAL ESTATE INV TRUSTInside Day Black Candle1/16/20172.42.422.4
CITIC ENVIROTECH LTD.Inside Day Black Candle1/16/20171.4451.461.4
CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle1/16/20178.868.898.8
DUTY FREE INTERNATIONALLIMITEDInside Day Black Candle1/16/20170.3850.3950.385
KEPPEL TELE & TRANInside Day Black Candle1/16/20171.7351.761.73
PACC OFFSHORE SVCS HLDG LTD.Inside Day Black Candle1/16/20170.3350.340.335
RH PETROGAS LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle1/16/20170.1050.110.105
STARHUB LTDInside Day Black Candle1/16/20173.013.033
STRAITS TRADING CO. LTDInside Day Black Candle1/16/20171.941.961.935
C&G ENV PROTECT HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle1/16/20170.1250.1250.123
CAPITALAND MALL TRUSTInside Day White Candle1/16/20171.991.9951.975
GL LIMITEDInside Day White Candle1/16/20170.790.790.785
RHT HEALTH TRUSTInside Day White Candle1/16/20170.920.920.91
SINGAPORE TECH ENGINEERING LTDInside Day White Candle1/16/20173.323.343.31
BOUSTEAD SINGAPORE LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle1/16/20170.820.850.82
DBXT MSCI MALAYSIA TRN ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle1/16/201710.5110.6310.51
GUOCOLAND LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle1/16/20171.81.851.8
MANDARIN ORIENTAL INTL LTDOutside Day Black Candle1/16/20171.261.2951.26
MERMAID MARITIME PUBLIC CO LTDOutside Day Black Candle1/16/20170.1850.1920.184
PERENNIAL S$280M4.55%N200429Outside Day Black Candle1/16/20170.9890.9920.989
POWERMATIC DATA SYSTEMS LTDOutside Day Black Candle1/16/20171.0551.081.055
SINGTELOutside Day Black Candle1/16/20173.813.843.77
TRANSIT-MIXED CONCRETE LTDOutside Day Black Candle1/16/20170.630.640.63
UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LTDOutside Day Black Candle1/16/201721.0421.1320.84
ADV INTEGRATED MFG CORP LTDOutside Day White Candle1/16/20170.2250.2250.205
BONVESTS HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day White Candle1/16/20171.241.241.215
DBXT S&P500 ETF 10Outside Day White Candle1/16/201739.6739.6839.61
FEDERAL INT(2000) LTDOutside Day White Candle1/16/20170.250.250.24
HSI 22400 MB EPW170126Outside Day White Candle1/16/20170.0340.040.027
JARDINE STRATEGIC HLDGS LTDOutside Day White Candle1/16/201736.4936.6935.94
PERENNIAL S$300M4.65%N181023Outside Day White Candle1/16/20171.011.011.008
SINGTEL MB EPW171002Outside Day White Candle1/16/20170.0610.0610.059
UNITED SSE 50 CHINA ETFOutside Day White Candle1/16/20172.12.12.06

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Candlestick 2017-01-13

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
ABF SPORE BOND INDEX FUND ETFInside Day Black Candle1/13/20171.1351.1371.135
DBXT FTSE VIETNAM ETF 10Inside Day Black Candle1/13/201722.8822.8922.79
DBXT MSCI RUSSIA CAP 25 ETF 10Inside Day Black Candle1/13/20172.532.542.53
GENTING SPS$500M5.125% PERPSECInside Day Black Candle1/13/20171.0251.0271.025
HONG LEONG ASIA LTD.Inside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.890.950.885
KINGBOARD COPPER FOIL HDGS LTDInside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.2750.280.275
MANDARIN ORIENTAL INTL LTDInside Day Black Candle1/13/20171.2651.271.265
OCBC BK MB EPW171002Inside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.0840.0850.084
PAN-UNITED CORPORATION LTDInside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.6350.640.625
THAKRAL CORPORATION LTDInside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.230.240.23
UOL GROUP LIMITEDInside Day Black Candle1/13/20176.296.326.25
CAPITALAND MALL TRUSTInside Day White Candle1/13/20171.9952.011.97
GLOBAL LOGISTIC PROP LIMITEDInside Day White Candle1/13/20172.652.672.61
GLOBAL TESTING CORPORATION LTDInside Day White Candle1/13/20171.081.081.03
HONGKONG LAND HOLDINGS LIMITEDInside Day White Candle1/13/20176.756.776.69
HSI 23000 MB ECW170126Inside Day White Candle1/13/20170.0590.0620.054
HSI 23000 MB ECW170330Inside Day White Candle1/13/20170.1760.1790.172
HSI 23400 MB ECW170227Inside Day White Candle1/13/20170.0940.0960.09
HSI 23600 UB ECW170427Inside Day White Candle1/13/20170.1580.1610.153
HSI 23800 MB ECW170330Inside Day White Candle1/13/20170.1120.1140.108
HSI 24200 MB ECW170427Inside Day White Candle1/13/20170.1110.1120.107
JARDINE MATHESON HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle1/13/201759.759.8158.6
JARDINE STRATEGIC HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle1/13/201736.2836.4935.98
MAPLETREE COMMERCIAL TRUSTInside Day White Candle1/13/20171.4651.4651.45
NEW SILKROUTES GROUP LIMITEDInside Day White Candle1/13/20170.8150.820.805
NUTRYFARM INTERNATIONAL LTDInside Day White Candle1/13/20170.2450.2450.2
OCBC BK MB ECW170306Inside Day White Candle1/13/20170.080.080.075
OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORPInside Day White Candle1/13/20179.389.389.25
SEMBCORP MARINE LTDInside Day White Candle1/13/20171.5151.521.5
SINGAPORE AIRLINES LTDInside Day White Candle1/13/20179.849.859.79
SINGAPORE PRESS HLDGS LTDInside Day White Candle1/13/20173.693.713.65
SPDR GOLD SHARESInside Day White Candle1/13/2017113.87114.11113.55
ASL MARINE HOLDINGS LTDOutside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.1380.1390.13
DBXT NIFTY50 ETF 10Outside Day Black Candle1/13/2017124.31125.21124.31
FRASERS LOGISTICS & IND TRUSTOutside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.940.9550.935
HSI 21000 VT EPW170330Outside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.060.0620.06
HSI 22600 VT EPW170126Outside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.0310.0360.03
HUPSTEEL LTDOutside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.650.690.645
IFAST CORPORATION LTD.Outside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.8450.870.845
IS MSCI INDIA 100 S$Outside Day Black Candle1/13/20179.739.829.73
PEC LTD.Outside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.5750.5850.57
POH TIONG CHOON LOGISTICS LTDOutside Day Black Candle1/13/20171.371.3951.37
SP CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day Black Candle1/13/20170.50.590.5
BUKIT SEMBAWANG ESTATES LTDOutside Day White Candle1/13/20174.54.514.48
CAPITALAND LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/13/20173.173.183.12
FRASER AND NEAVE LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/13/20172.142.152.04
KEPPEL TELE & TRANOutside Day White Candle1/13/20171.771.7751.725
LCT HOLDINGS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/13/20170.4550.460.385
LTC CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/13/20170.530.5350.52
MIRACH ENERGY LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/13/20170.0730.0730.06
RH PETROGAS LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/13/20170.1120.1120.104
STRACO CORPORATION LIMITEDOutside Day White Candle1/13/20170.80.80.78